About Us

Hi, we are a mother-daughter duo who fell in love with dogs together from the heart of Europe, Hungary.

How it all started
Our family has always had dogs since I can remember. We started out with miniature schnauzers because their adorable beard and interesting personality instantly won us over. The dog who started it all was a male miniature schnauzer, strictly a pet and a family member. After 5 years of living with him we quickly realized one dog is not a dog so we decided to shake things up a bit and add a standard schnauzer puppy to the family in 2017, we named him Darcy. He was the one who made us see that we want to do something more, something better. We became regular members of a local dog school and as Darcy became smarter and smarter we got the courage to take part in a local obedience competition, we haven't known yet that it will change everything. There we met the members of our current team whose help with we dived into the world of IGP and search and rescue work. Darcy is still alive and well, he is an active, proven SAR dog but because of his size we reached his limit in IGP 3 years ago, that's when we made the decision to look for a dog specifically for the IGP sport. After months od research the Beauceron was the only breed that ticked every one of our boxes so more months of research came to find the perfect kennel and prospect. Lucky for us we got to know wonderful breeders and dogs and an amazing opportunity came what we just couldn't miss. That's how a little Beauceron female, Hilaritas Canis Mayrau (for us just Delta, our foundation bitch), moved in with us straight from the Czech Republic.

Why breeding?
Our original plan was to keep Delta as a sport/working dog and learn more about IGP together but the days went by, she started to show more and more of her great temperament, work ethic, drive and steel nerves. When she passed all of her health tests with exceptional results and started to recieve amazing comments from judges at shows we had to reconsider the "plan". We got to the conclusion that Delta is exactly the kind of dog who could improve the breed if she had offsprings with a suitable male.

Our goal
is to restore the breed to its former glory as the "jack of all trades" of the working dog world and to show everyone that Beauceron in fact CAN do it all if it comes from a good line. Health and stable temperament is our top priority next to producing puppies with what we call "high drive".