Before getting a puppy

You are probably here because you are interested in getting a Beauceron puppy from us. 
Here I'll tell you a few important things to consider before reaching out.

What kind of dogs we breed?
Our dogs are specifically bred for sport/work/performance so it's important to us that they have good drive and are high energy. Without doing proper research or not in the right hands these dogs are not easy to handle and can cause a lot of headache. But with the right people who are willing to put in the work they can be wonderful companions in every situation. 
We breed to standard so our puppies are suitable for shows also but they are not your typical "show line" dogs, they need something to do, something where they can be active and give out some energy. 

What qualities are we looking for in the future owners?
Someone who is active, outdoorsy, likes to go on adventures is our ideal owner. Someone who thinks of dogs as family members and will do everything to keep them healthy and happy. Dogs are living, breathing creatures with needs and feelings. If someone just wants a pretty accessory or a dog that's only purpose is to guard the house and that's the only enrichment they get then that's an immediate no for us.

Is it possible to get a puppy with cropped ears?
Our kennel is located in Hungary where ear cropping has been illegal since 2012 so we do not go against the law and will not give out cropped puppies. If the puppy goes to live in a country where it's still legal (USA) then we allow you to get it done by a RESPONSIBLE vet. We do ask you however to tell your plans to us before doing the procedure, if you have experience with taping and caring for cropped ears you will have our full support, if you are new to this we will get in touch with our experienced friends and they will guide you through the taping process.
Please note that a bad crop or a crop that hasn't been taped properly will look worse than natural ears!

What if I only want a harlequin puppy?
Having a color preference is fine if you haven't chose the breed purely because they come in "merle" and have other reasons too why you want a Beauceron but we match puppies and onwers based on personality traits, temperament and what your plans are with the puppy so it's possible that for example we have available harlequin puppies but they are not suitable for pet/family life then we will not give them to pet homes but will recommend you a different puppy from the black and tans. Also consider that harlequin color "fades" and most of the time harlequin puppies end up looking completely black and tan in a few years.

If I am on your waiting list it's sure I will get a puppy?
No. We don't know how many puppies will be born in the future and our waiting list is not limited to only one litter. And we favor owners who are willing to title their dogs especially in sports/work (or shows).

How do I reach out?
You can find our personal FB profile, IG account and e-mail address here on the website. You can reach out on any platform but we have a few requirements:
Start your letter with an introduction,
we want to know more about you. You don't have to give out personal informations (such as your job, income) if you don't want to but we have to get to know you to be able to decide if our puppies would be a great fit for you or not.
Tell us your plans with your future dog
Like do you want to do shows? Work? Sports? Just a pet? These are all important information.
Tell us why you chose our kennel
You don't have to give us dozens of reasons, it's just good for us to know to know this, helps us understand buyers better. A simple "because I think your dogs are pretty" is enough and useful information for us. You can be 100% honest.
We only want full honesty for your sake too. We don't judge anybody so you can be totally honest with us. Also we do a thorough background check so it's pointless to lie anyway.
Any letter that doesn't have these informations will be probably overlooked. We get dozens of e-mail with simply saying "I want a puppy, what's the price"so you have to understand we don't have time to respond to every one of that and ask the same questions over and over again, most of the time not even getting a reply.